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Helping You With The Probate Process

After you have lost a loved one, settling the decedent’s estate can add to an already stress-filled time. In certain situations, estate representatives are required to follow the probate process before the will can be executed. This complex process can be costly and time-intensive, diminishing the estate’s value and delaying asset distribution.

Since 1988, I have helped my clients effectively navigate the formal and informal probate process. I am intimately familiar with the procedures that probate courts follow in North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota. You can depend on Cheryl Bergian Law Office to seek out the most effective approach so that you can focus on recovering from your loss.

Helping You Identify A Streamlined Approach

Not all estates need to go through extensive probate proceedings. Estates that do not have significant assets may qualify as a small estate and avoid formal probate. Your loved one’s estate may be settled through a streamlined process when these conditions are met:

  • The estate’s value is lower than North Dakota’s or Minnesota’s small estate limit
  • The appropriate time period has passed since your loved one’s death
  • No one has applied for or been appointed a personal representative for the estate
  • You are entitled to receive a portion of the estate

When you consult with me at my Fargo office, I will review all legal documents, titles, deeds and financial records connected to your loved one’s estate. As a seasoned estate planning attorney, I have substantial experience with a variety of estate planning instruments, so I am well-equipped to evaluate these documents. And if there are assets in the estate that do not need to be probated, I will identify those assets and help you distribute them promptly.

By Your Side Through Formal Proceedings

Should complications arise when you are settling the estate, I am qualified to represent you in complex probate proceedings. The court may need to supervise proceedings if your loved one died without a valid will, your loved one’s estate exceeds the small estate valuation or there is a legal dispute.

Speak To A Highly-Skilled Lawyer Today

Tying up a loved one’s legal affairs can be taxing when you face this task alone. I am here and ready to assist you with your probate concerns and other estate-related issues you have.

Make an appointment for a free probate consultation when you call 701-297-2501. You can also connect with me online. Please click here to schedule your 30-minute consultation. You can also arrange a 45-minute appointment here.